Human glioblastoma in mouse


In the Okada laboratory, a multi-disciplinary team of scientists and trainees work together to the goal of developing effective immunotherapy for adult and pediatric patients suffering from brain cancer. We translate our own laboratory findings to novel clinical trials, and learn mechanisms underlying successes or failures using samples obtained from patients. This is a two-way road between bench and bedside. Current projects incorporate a variety of immunological assays, animal models, as well as bioinformatics. To achieve our goal, our members also benefit from the environment of the Bay Area for robust and collegial collaboration with other USCF laboratories as well as industries. The following tabs outline some of our recent projects. The Okada lab has been one of the pioneers in identification of novel antigens as immunotherapy targets, as well as immunological mechanisms mediating the challenge for success of immunotherapy. We will have to integrate these aspects to the ultimate success for patients.